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Sunday School


Our Adult Sunday School Class meets from 9:15am - 10am on Sunday mornings September the weekend after Labor Day through May, the Sunday before Memorial Day. Often we go through a book of the Bible, study a biblical character, study Systematic Theology or explore some other topic of shared interest. This is a time where we like to dig a little deeper into the scriptures and push ourselves to grow in our knowledge and understanding of the Lord.

Sept-Oct 2022, Pastor Donny will lead our Adult Sunday School class through The Pilgrim’s Progress. It records the journey of Christian, a regular guy seeking salvation on a pilgrimage to Heaven. Christian’s path is marked by the trials and travails that every person encounters on their journey. John Bunyan’s 17th century tale is full of characters and situations with which we can all relate and is deeply relevant for this time.

Those who attend will profit the most by obtaining a copy of The Pilgrim's Progress (Penguin Classics) and reading along, but the class will be great even for those who do not. Feel free to request that Cathy order you one tax-free. ($11 on Amazon)


In the past, we have offered classes such as:

Christians & Catholics

We always emphasize that we are part of the universal and Christian church even though when we say the Creeds together we recite we are part of the "catholic" church.  What is the difference and why do we emphasize it is catholic with a little c?  You will want to be a part of this class as we explore Christians and Catholics.


Bookend of the Minor Prophets

The end of the Old Testament was an important time for the people of God.  Lots of things were happening.  Exile and return to temple worship just to name a few.  How do we read and apply these ancient texts today?  Join us as we read and trace through the books of Malachi and Hosea.  



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